Mik Pedersen


Type Shark Cutter
Built 1912 – ID XP 2436 ex S.038, ex AS.1560, ex O.12
Material oak and beech
Shipyard Brd. Nipper Skagen
L.o.d 43,77 Feet - 13,34 Meter
Beam 13,81 Feet - 4,21 Meter
Depth 3,28 Feet - 1,79 Meter
Gross tons 19,60
Netto tons 6,01
Engine 230 hk
Home Habour Aabenraa / Danmark
Owner Jørgen Jensen

MIK PEDERSEN was built in 1912 on Brd. Nipper's Shipyard in Skagen for Anders Bruun and first registered on 21.12.1912 under the name EBBA and ID S.038. The ship was built as a stern-built cutter with a well, crawler-built of oak and beech with 1 mast, 1 deck medium-bodied bow, smooth bow, rounded stern and was intended for fishing in the Kattegat and the North Sea with spinner rods.

In 1916 the ship was sold to Struer, changed its name to MASCOT and ID AS.1560.

In 1965, MASCOT got the call signal XP 2436.

In 1973, the ship changed its name to MIK PEDERSEN and ID O.12 and was based in Bogense.

In 1977 MIK PEDERSEN was bought by Uffe Klixbøl and got a new home port in Aabenraa.

In 1979 MIK PEDERSEN was acquired by Jørgen Jensen, Padborg, who has since used the ship for angler sailing and towing.

MIK PEDERSEN home habour today is Aabenraa Nyhavn.

Contact Jørgen Jensen for angler sailing or ash spreading at sea::
e-mail: -Telefon: +45 30747166

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